Singleton Lodge Wedding | Naomi & Dan

Singleton Lodge Wedding | Naomi & Dan Ashall

We have known Naomi & Dan now for a couple of years since shooting their maternity shoot when Naomi was pregnant with Lacey. Lacey is now coming up on 2 and not only had many shoots with Naomi, Dan & Lacey, we have also become good friends with them. To top it all of, they chose us to be a part of their Singleton Lodge Wedding.

Our 1st wedding of 2017. The great thing about it was that everything happens at the same venue, giving us more time an opportunity for more photo’s. Here are some highlights of the day

Naomi & Dan’s Big Day

We spent most of the morning with Naomi & her Bridesmaids. Couldn’t have asked for a more relaxed, funny, friendly, excited group of young ladies. We had a great morning with them filled with drinks, tears and laughter while the girls got ready for the day ahead.

Dan arrived feeling fairly relaxed… ready to meet his wife to be. The look on his face when Naomi’s maid of honor presented him with a present from Naomi… A new Apple Watch. You could see they smile on his face grow when he spotted what it was.

In return, he had his own gifts…. lots of them. I think its fair to say that Dan has a soft, giving, romantic side to him. Showering his future wife with hand made gifts as a reminder of their time together, what the future holds, memories of family loved and lost.

The ceremony was also filled with tears around the room (and then broke with a cry from Naomi’s maid of honor !! THIS WEDDING IS HORSES*** !! in reference to the film ‘Step Brothers’ in an attempt to stop the Bride from crying.

Finally, with the hard part over, its time to relax and spend some time with the new Mr & Mrs Ashall taking in the grounds of Singleton Lodge and making some memories for the couple.

The night would not be complete without some more tears as N&D had their 1st dance while playing a slideshow we had previously made for them featuring all the shoots they had had with us so far (you can find that slideshow here)

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ashall

Kris & Lucy