Beacon Fell Pre-Wedding Shoot | The shoot that almost didn’t happen.

What a story this turned out to be…. We were due to meet up with Kirsty & James at Beacon Fell for their pre-wedding shoot. As always, we set off leaving ourselves plenty of time, its a cracking winters day. A little bit of snow around but the Sun is out and it is a lovely day for a photoshoot. The closer we get to Beacon Fell, its quite icey on the roads… especially on the main route up.

Thinking nothing of it, we continue to drive up thinking it will be fine. As we start to approach there is a car coming down flashing his lights. We assume he is struggling to find grip to slow down so we pull aside to give him plenty of room… BIG MISTAKE. We quickly realise that he was telling us we couldn’t get up… so we try to set off… nope. We are just spinning in the snow. Our only choice was to start reversing… and as we did this. It was clear we lost control of the car as it started to slide down the hill while spinning around like it was practising for the next Winter Olympics. Anyway.. we manage to gain control but its clear we are not shooting at Beacon Fell today so we ring K&J to see where they are at… They were stuck!

There was no way I was leaving them stuck up there, so we decided to go up the other side of the hill (the sunny side) where there was a lot more traction. Luckily by the time we got there, K&J had managed to free their car and park in one of the lower carparks. YEY.. lets continue with the shoot

It was great to see Beacon Fell covered in snow.. we thought while we are here we may as well enjoy it. We had been there one week before but we were able to get completely different pictures due to the weather.

We got back to the cars and started to plan out escape route. We figured the safest option was the middle road from the bottom carpark… perfect we thought… until we met another 10 cars who were struggling to get up. After a few tries we managed to get back up to the carpark and just decided to go back down the way we came up (even though it meant going the wrong way around the one way system)

It was great to catch up with Kirsty & James ahead of their Wedding at Bartle Hall Hotel in April and it was fun fighting with the icey roads to get some different shots 🙂

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